Basement Walls Are Up!

We just want to let everyone who came out to help us today, that you were SO MUCH HELP!!! We couldn’t have done it without you.
Today, we put the basement walls up. Marsha, Jake, Josh, Laura, Jo, Kathy and Bob all helped Jean and I maneuver these enormous wall sections of mostly pressure treated lumber, into place.
My grandmother and grandfather Lampkin are even in town and got to stop by. My grandfather, a real computer buff, should be emailing us some digital photos within a week or so, so continue to check the Construction Photos “foundation” page:)

Our basement walls are the permanent wood foundation, and rest on the baseplates that Oregon Dome provided us, which helped us to form the slab.
We started the morning off placing the walls outside or near the plates on which they needed to be, and then lifted each one into place. With each successive wall piece, the dome began looking more and more like a house! It’s amazing what space does.

We finished up around 1:30 and broke for lunch, which Marsha provided. After lunch, Jean, myself and mom came back to cinch up bolts and prepare for tomorrow: FRAMING!

Check out the video!