I’m too tired to think of a clever title

Today Jean, Dad and I did a lot. Yeah.
This morning, Jean and I went to Home Despot to pick up 55 8″x8″x16″ block to finish up the interior weight bearing footings. We also picked up the 6 mm vapor barrier for the concrete pad. A couple hours later, we made it back to Hearthwood and began laying block.

At the same time, Jean and I took the markings on the base plates for the ROUS’s and I notched places in the block wall for them. Then we nailed the anchors to the base plates and put the boards back.

Later in the day, Bob came over to lend a hand, which we MUCH appreciated. Dad finished up doing the interior coarse of block and began bringing gravel to the site from our ten-ton cache.
Jean, Bob and I made a good team lifting the boards, slopping in “mud” (mortar) and placing the boards back into place on the walls.

As the light waned, we made a valiant effort in filling the gravel up to the bottom of the screed boards, but we’ll need a bit more. We made a great deal of progress today and are right on schedule!
Next, we finish the gravel and then put down and the vapor barrier. And then the mesh wire we got free from our neighbor Victor (Thanks Victor!), who had some extra from his business.

We’re gearing up for the pad pour this week and will hopefully be putting up the basement walls and beginning the interior framing next weekend, so if you’re up for manual labor, let us know!

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  1. Good job. Your father does not look very motivated on the tractor. Jean is unhuman, she may have some SuperHeroe blood or something like that : pictures are amazing when you see that pregnant girl driving buudozers, tractors, or with the feet in the concrete, etc…
    I am happy to see that it is growing and tis step is very impressive because I can imagine very clearely the sizes of the DOME. One day you will have to give me their adress and so on because I am very interested in that kind of houses.
    I watch you.
    Say your parents I control their work too 🙂

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