Par for the course…of block

Today we laid the one course of 8″ block necessary to bring the footers up to grade. Laying block would have been simple enough, but we had to make sure the corner points of the sil plates, ie the base of our walls, were at the correct points.
Take a 10-sided house (decahedron), attempt to get the corner points 19′ 6″ from the center, and try to line the things up on footers you’ve semi-professionally poured and it takes about two hours. To get the points right.

Krissy came out to help for the day as well, chalking up even more karmic points for the Gryfindor House. I swear she’s really just out there deciding which bedroom she’s going to take. Next she’ll be choosing the paint:)
Jean and Krissy made a good elevations team, Krissy holding the measuring stick and Jean sighting through the transit.
With a lot of light tapping (and cursing) with the mallet (aka hammer for precision-challenged people), and Krissy lifting the sil plates to facilitate moving, we got the points right.

Then we laid the block. We set my dad to work as the head mason, while we provided mortar, block, and criticism.

Tomorrow we lay the course of interior block and set the MAS’s (Mudsil Anchor Single Sided) into the sil plates and block. Krissy has helpfully marked on the sil plates where these anchors need to go with all the Lucky Charms? symbols. So we get to see purple horseshoes, blue diamonds, pink hearts, yellow moons and the like.
And lay the gravel in the slab area. And then the plastic. And then the “chicken wire” for the slab.
Oh, and leaving enough room for the plumber to get his work done. Oh, and also putting in a floor drain, even though it’s not REALLY required by code, since our basement isn’t below grade. It can’t hurt-plus it provides a cool air intake for the stove.
Good night, we’re going to sleep:)