Digging Footers

This weekend was incredible. Incredibly cathartic, incredibly productive and incredibly exhausting.
On Saturday my parents came out to help dig the footers and we got almost half-way done with the exterior footings.

If you’re at a loss for what “digging a footer” is exactly, don’t worry. Here it is:
A house has to rest on some seriously hard stuff to keep from settling to one side or another, or even simply sinking into the ground, especially in sandy areas.
County code requires “footings”, in this case concrete, to be 24″ below grade, or where the ground meets the building. So we dig 2 foot deep trenches. Voila.
After digging the trenches, we lay rebar down and then hammer in rebar stakes, the tops of which are at a particular level where the concrete has to be.
Then we have concrete poured and there are our footings!
On Sunday, Jean and I picked up rebar and other errata from the local home depot before heading over to Hearthwood.
Krissy even came out to help-quite the trooper! Frankly, I’m so exhaused, I don’t know what else to write except that we’re thankful for such dedicated friends and family.
Here’s a video of the whole process:

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  1. Love seeing everything that is going on. Wish I were there, but ‘fraid you would put me to work!

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