Jean has left the building!

Holy Carp. We have our building permit. And Electrical Permit. And now we can actually go out to Hearthwood and begin clearing. And no police sirens are going to sound, no klaxons blaring, no stodgy person behind a desk can say “you’ll never build there.”

That’s right. Yesterday the VDOT permit came through, allowing a cascading chain of events to occur. Let me preface this though…
Tuesday morning, Jean was set to meet the plumber on site (we’re thinking of having one do the plumbing in the foundation and maybe stub out the bathrooms) and so drove over to Hearthwood. She was following a white pickup that seemed to be following directions. Oddly enough, it pulled over right at 6500 (our address)! A man got out, and Jean assumed he was the plumber – not so, he was a VDOT inspector.
What followed shaved three weeks off our schedule and averted a potential disaster! VDOT guy said that VDOT usually requires folks to pave their entrance ways. Ah, but our plans say we cannot (she shows him the plans). Ok, that saves him from having to write us a letter and have us respond with appropriate documentation! The permit should be processed as early as Thursday or Friday.
And with that, our permit was actually process yesterday, allowing Jean to “walk the plans” (I wish I was there) and get all but our plumbing and mechanical permits (we still have to figure out if the tankless water heater uses gas or electricity). She called me yesterday as she was leaving…”I’m walking out of the building with an approved grading plan and building plans and no one is stopping me,” she whispered gleefully.
We can actually begin digging this weekend. WooHoo!!!