The Dome Has Landed-repeat-The Dome Has…

There’s no telling what you can do with a dozen loving friends and family members. We didn’t have our camera out that day, but here are some photos of the tarped pieces…

From the HH…
“The Dome is on the site. repeat. The Dome is on the site. yes, indeedy, it was a red-letter weekend for Hearthwood this time around!

The major event occurred sunday. The Dome arrived in a 53 foot tractor trailer at about 1:30. We had a fantastic team of friends and family helping us out. Everyone, a standing ovation please for Krissy, Angie, Nick, Narra, Laura, Janet, John, Marsha, Bill, Jake, Josh, Michelle, Chris, Meghan, Justin and Mom! There is no way we could have managed that with any fewer people. Everyone worked very hard for 5 hours unloading, loading, and then unloading and stacking the dome. It went very smoothly though, and really Ed and I cannot possibly express how honored and happy we are to have such a great support group throughout this process. You guys are the best! (Note to anyone thinking of building a dome: Do not undertake this process without having a great base of friends and family. They are indispensable!)

For those of you who couldn’t make it, here’s what it was like: At the very beginning we had the pallets of insulation. Ed drove the tractor up the road and put them on the trailer. We added the rest of the insulation around it, and the first trailer was off! Ed followed in the tractor to unload, and then stayed as captain of the “Dome storage” team – which consisted of Angie, Krissy, Nick, Narra, Laura and Ed. Janet and John, and Marsha and Bill, who were the trailer-drivers did the brunt of the work, as they helped load AND unload on either end! Once the pallets were down, every single other piece was unloaded by hand. The triangles were probably the easiest part. The truck unloading team consisted of Michelle, Meghan, Chris, Justin, and Mom. Jake and Josh also did their share of ferrying between both sites and ended up doing twice the work like the trailer drivers did.

The triangles we were able to slide to the edge of the truck and tip down into the trailer. The worst part, however, were the riser walls and the permanent wood foundation. They were huge 8 foot high, 7 or 13 foot wide monstrosities. At times, the 13 footers were split into a 9 foot wall and a 4 foot wall, roughly. That made a couple of them slightly easier to manage. However, they came on the truck standing up. They had to be slid to the front turned to lay flat, and then angled out and down onto the trailer. And they weighed a ton! Although I wasn’t at the dome unloading site, as I understand it the pieces not only had to be unloaded off the trailer and stacked nicely – but at times had to be consolidated and positioned for easy dome-raising later on.
By the time all was done, we headed back to the Dyers and Ed made everyone burgers and hot dogs. Chintzy pay for the serious manual labor everyone put forth, but hey -the karmic credit everyone got was outstanding! 🙂 Thank you all again for coming out, and thank you to everyone else for the positive energy vibes! It definitely worked – everything went well and the weather held out!
Saturday was a great Hearthwood day as well. Ed and I went to the auction again, and Marsha and Bill came as well. THANK GOD Marsha and Bill came as well, because they helped us so much with letting us tag along with their place in line to not have to wait another 2 hours, and mostly helping to load and unload all of our loot. Marsha also got a great deal on wood flooring while there. Ed and I outfitted our bathroom with tile, and a 3 piece set of whirlpool tub (oooh-la-la!) with a matching toilet and sink. We got a fiberglass shower/tub for the bathroom downstairs, a double sink vanity for the bathroom downstairs, and all our interior doors. (yeah – imagine how that would have gone over with just Ed and pregnant me. Thank you again, Marsha and Bill!!!)
So not only are we almost all outfitted interior-wise, WE HAVE OUR DOME!!!! We have our dome!!!
…now if VDOT would just get back to me on that darned permit….. :)”

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