A mess o’ home goods

Saturday, we went to the mini auction in Jessup, MD. And came back with a bunch of great stuff.
Marsha and Bill, hoping to find some hardwood flooring, were gracious enough to come and help out. Not only did they find their flooring, but the two helped us wrestle our winnings onto the trailer and truck, along with the help of other good samaritans.

One of the main victories was this matching set of Jacuzzi and Kohler stuff for our master bath. You can see the tub here, but also included are a pedestal sink, and toilet.

The last win of the day was this door, to be the front door on our dome. We initially didn’t see too much inside for doors. Then we went outside and saw this one (1 of 2) that really caught our attention. We figured we’d bid on it; what was the harm if we tried?
The way this particular auction works is if there are two or more of a similar item (and there are usually 5-15), then the auctioneer bids it, declares a high bidder when there are no more bids, and gives them the choice of which one and how many they’d like. Then he proceeds doling out the remaining items to the next highest bidder and so on.
So I figured when I was third bidder in line, for these doors (8) I would get something. Not so. The high bidder took all of them.
Ok, so I’ll cut to the chase. At the end of the day, Jean used her pregnant feminine ways to cajole the high bidder into selling us the door. Albeit at a higher price than he paid of course, but still less than we were going to spend anyway.
Lastly, I would like to thank Kathy for giving up her garage bay for a couple of months, housing our future. She’s a martyr anyway, so she gets some self-satisfaction out of it I’m sure:)