Permits, Electric and Appliances, Oh My!

Ok, so I’m not too original here, quoting mostly from our Hearthwood Herald, but here’s the gist:
“…apparently VDOT says it’s 3 weeks now. We’ll see. I called today and we have still not been issued a permit number. (apparently sitting on someone’s desk for a week is SOP) So there’s not too much to report. I meet with a guy from Novec on Thursday to see about getting electricity – but of course they won’t be able to actually do anything about it until the permits are all through…”
So we actually have an approved grading plan and building plan and our building permit is just waiting on our VDOT permit – much like a great Tetris score cascades into being when you slide that one final long block into the proper hole.
Jeano is meeting Mr. NOVEC tomorrow to have him spec out where the electric line will go, how many hapless trees will die for the sake of our being on the grid, and how many hours we’ll spend clearing for the line (15 foot swath if below ground line and 30 foot if above ground, the latter in which they would do the clearing themselves).
Jeano has been a consumer trooper! We’ve priced out appliances at Sears & Roebuck, and Jean has priced out comparison pricing at our consumer club, through which we get a decent discount. We’ve got dishwashers, clothes washers, dryers, cook tops, ovens, trash compactors, and wall-to-wall carpeting all priced out and ready to go. Geez. Nothing seems too expensive when you begin dishing out $1000 checks for one appliance or another.
If you haven’t already received the Hearthwood Herald about needing folks to help transport the pieces of our future home from its shipping truck to our flatbed trailers, so we can get it to our house site. If you have ANY interest in helping us out and getting some Karmic Credit (or redeeming some:) ) , now is the time!!!
When? Sunday 2-6pm
Where? Starting at Hearthwood, traveling in between the intersection of Colchester and Pope’s Head Road
What? Semi-heavy lifting of plywood and 2×4 triangles and wall sections from truck to trailer.
Who? ANYONE who feels they are up to it. And some who don’t as well. Even an hour of help will be just fine. CONTACT US PLEASE!!!