two weeks to six weeks to two weeks

There is a backlog for building plan review, the reviewer told us at least six weeks. Then, yesterday, Jean checked the status of the plans online. The grading plans were already on their final step! (a two week process)
Jean, though she knew the building plans were some time away from being reviewed, decided to check anyway. They were REJECTED! With nothing in the comments section. Fuming, she called the reviewer.
His answer; the only reason was because he didn’t have an approved grading plan. But we were granted concurrent processing! Ah. Then all we have to do is bring the approved grading plans before him (ask for him at the front desk and wait 15-20 minutes for him to look them over) and he’d stamp them.
So our six week wait went down to two. Awesome.
Today, she gets word that they have been reviewed completely! Now all we need is the letter of indemnification from Land Use Lawyer Lady (of which she sent a draft to the county clerk’s office for legalese review) and the new plat with the environmental easements from our Civil Engineer. With those in hand, Jean can confidently stride into the County offices and get our building permits!!
Wow. It doesn’t stop. Our dome is (tentatively) slated to be delivered in the afternoon on Sunday September 14th, with (a now feasible) raising date of 4 October.
Marsha’s friend, Bill, is apparently a contractor (sub/general) as well, and would love to contract himself out to do a few of the jobs for our house!
AND Kip & Kate’s second son, Zeke, was born today at 11:57am EST. Crazy.