We Submit

No, not to the County. Ok, so we actually did submit to the County, but we submitted our plans, not our wills.
Yes, Jean spent the entire day yesterday talking with our civil engineer, Oregon Dome, and the minions at the County. (Think the Ministry of Information in Brazil)
From one desk to another, “I need to submit our building and grading plans”, and turned away to yet another line just to be given a number to wait some more. She finally got through it all, though, and now our plans are in the system.
We also got some good information on shingles and hardi-panel from the Roofing Center in Manassas. And we’re looking at a tentative delivery date of September 4th for the dome pieces. Then possibly October 4th for the raising.
OH! Most crazy of all- rumor has it that ANOTHER dome is being constructed in Fairfax County. A big one. We don’t know who is doing it or where, but we’ll see if we can find out more. How exciting!

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  1. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. The minions at the county have to make sure the set backs and super silt fences are appropriate, not to mention water and sewer. Let us hope that the next dome out in Gods country goes up lickity split.

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