Hope Prevails, Special Extortion to Move Ahead

This evening we took advantage of the Public Comment Period at the Fairfax County Board of Supervisor’s meeting. Jean, myself, “Our Nextdoor Neighbor”, and my mother and Kathy (combined) all had three-minute comment periods.

I spoke first. I showed them the maps of the area as well as photographs showing how Colchester Road floods between our driveway and the Stonecrest subdivision much before our actual driveway would flood..

It took a lot of convincing before we got our main point accross – that no part of our proposed plan involves any activity inside the floodplain, and that our driveway is a pre-existing non-conforming legal use. (read: it’s been here for over a hundred years – it shouldn’t have to comply to a 10 year old law.)

We all spoke somewhat extemporaneously from our prepared speeches and managed to gain some favor in the eyes of the supervisors. Some of them even stayed after the comment period to learn more about our situation.

Although the main theme was that they still want us to apply for a spcial exception to a floodplain ordinance that does not even apply to our situation, they are at least willing to revisit our land use attorney’s legal argument. We will go ahead and fill out the special exception packet, pay the County their $3000.00 and wait another 4-6 months. At the same time, though, we will hope that our supervisor will be able to convince the attorney and the Department of Public Works and Environmental Services of the truth – that no floodplain ordinance applies to our case because we plan not to build in the floodplain.

Here’s to hoping!