County Flood Plain Laws Illegal, No One Notices or Cares

Land Use Lawyer spoke with us and met with me at Hearthwood yesterday to get a better bearing on her argument. She has found that the County’s flood plain ordinance is illegal in that if they tried to enforce it, they would be changing zones or boundries that only the National Flood Insurance Agency can change by a vote.

It would basically be like a company being started and writing by-laws that dictated only people of one race could be hired in the future. They haven’t hired anyone new yet, but if they do, it will be illegal.

She wanted to make sure the drive was still in use for motor vehicles. She says we can safely count the times we’ve driven on it for whatever reason-trash pickup, kayak retrieval, surveying, etc. “Our Nextdoor Neighbor” also uses it to drive his Jeep back to hunt occasionally during the season.