Loan foibles, Using Logic with the County Doesn’t Work

Banker Guy 1 no longer works at Bank 2, but apparently they are still working on it. The bank had to go to committee, last Thursday and “Chip” let me know he just spoke with the representative working on it and he said it should be a done deal by tomorrow!

County Official 5 FINALLY sent a response letter (dated 16 May!!) to our Civil Engineers at their old address (noting our absence on the CC list infuriates me) basically stating that they couldn’t find a loin cloth big enough to cover their rear and that they couldn’t recommend our property for approval of the grading plan. Complete B.S. that this is going on. I am sick and tired of the county’s beaurocratic antics.

Jean has just called Benevolent Friend, who is quite understandably, exhasperated like we are. She already has to meet with County Supervisor on another issue and is going to try to line up some time for Jean, Benevolent Friend and myself to meet with her directly before that. We’re to get all our ducks lined up to have everything accessible before that.