Bank Feels Shaky, Code Analysis

Banker Guy 1 of Bank 2 says the underwriters of the lender they chose aren’t comfortable with the comparables in the area (domes with acreage), so the appraiser has called the lenders directly and they should say yes or no by this afternoon. If no, Chesapeake will simply try another lender and Banker Guy 1 assures me that it will only take a couple of days.

Ironically enough, they are going through the wholesale division of Bank #1 which has better rates and doesn’t have a problem with a self-built dome. Go figure.

An email:

“Subject: RE: Progress

No, this doesn’t mean you can sit in this meeting. Sorry. I won’t be in the meeting either. This is their work-in-progress. I’ve asked that they prepare a written response and sumLand Use Lawyer to you (and copy County Supervisor) once they’ve made some kind of decision regarding this issue. I appreciate your kind comments. Thanks.


Supervisor’s Aid ”

So we’re still at the mercy of code analysis. What really bugs us is that Supervisor’s Aid is more concerned that we got the run-around for a year than the fact that we need to be able to build. All that is water under the bridge, but if the County snubs us by declaring our land unbuildable (after taxing us at buildable rates I might add), we could go bankrupt.

If you haven’t seen it, check out “construction” down at the menu. It goes over the steps of construction and will of course be filled in with photos and links to videos on the movies page as we progress. This isn’t really a log, but more of a help section to dome-builders-to-be.