Even More Waiting

Bank 2 should be ready for us to close our loan this week. I spoke with Banker Guy 1 last Friday and faxed him some stuff this morning.

We should also find out what County Official 5 and the County have to say this week. Will we be building a footbridge or pursuing litigation? Still no word from Benevolent Friend.

We went kayaking with an ocean kayak in the creek yesterday. It had rained for over 12 hours straight and the creek had risen at least 2 feet: check it out.

3:49PM, an email:


Just wanted you to know I’m trying to follow-up with Mr. County Official 5

regarding your issue. I’ve left a voice mail message with him today and am

awaiting his reply. I will keep you “in the loop” when I receive additional

information. Thanks.

Supervisor’s Aid


Supervisor’s Aid

Administrative Aide

County Supervisor”

Upward and Onward.