Meeting with Hyrdologist near bust, We enter 5th circle of Hell

Where do I begin? Our meeting with County Official 5 and County Hydrologist Guy could have been better but at least they didn’t flat out say “no, you can’t ever build.”

It basically boils down to they don’t want to knowingly approve a grading plan that doesn’t have “adequate” emergency access during a 100-year flood. “Adequate” is apparently not in their authority to much interpretation.

They are now going back to the Code Analysis (read lawyers) dept/whatever to see what kind of leeway we can get in using:

1. a foot-bridge from our lot to “Our Nextdoor Neighbor”‘s

2. a boat

3. a helicopter

for emergency access. I have a feeling they will say footbridge if anything. I’m all tied up inside from this.

Part II: The County rejected our building plans yesterday because of a lot of nit-picky little things. Now we get to send them BACK to Oregon for a redraw (yay, more money!) and then they send them BACK to us and then we submit them again. Not like we’re pressed for time or anything, because I’m sure County Official 5 and County Hydrologist Guy will take at least a month to tell us “no” and then we’ll litigate. Who deserves to go through this?