I can’t Lie well enough to even interview at the County

So County Planning Commission Guy finally called us back last night.

County Planning Commission Guy: “There are really a lot of issues…what with your house….emergency access…”

JEAN: “Well, actually there are houses being built right now at the end of Colchester Road that are in the same predicament, what with the bridge being lower than our driveway…Why are they allowed to build and we are denied?”

County Planning Commission Guy: “…and the C-Bay issue…”

JEAN: “Not to keep cutting you off, but that’s no longer an issue, as we’ve resited the house..yes it’s in the process of review right now…”

County Planning Commission Guy: “So I spoke to County Official 1 and she should be calling you soon. Don’t worry, we’re keeping this on the front burner…”

Hmm. Sounds suspiciously like we just got handed off. Last time we spoke to County Official 1 was in spring or summer of 2001.

Remember the telephone game? Each person garbles the message a little more, so at the end no one knows what the original message was. Each link in our telephone game knows less about the situation and can afford to be more impersonal. By now it’s probably “Two people (Are they married? They don’t even have the same name) want to build a house IN the floodplain, maybe even in the creek. There’s a bumper sticker in the Northern Sun catalogue that would fit well on any Fairfax County vehicle: “The buck doesn’t even slow down here.”