Possible Bank Loan

I found a deed at the county documenting the easment onto our land (and surrounding land) “for the purposes of ingress/egress…and all such utilities and services for the full enjoyment of said parcel.” Pretty much solidifies our case for our driveway use being ok.

We’re going to re-site the house so we don’t have to file for a C-Bay waiver, as that’s County Hydrologist Guy’s leverage. That means more time and a bit more money, but nothing huge. It went through the health dept. once, it will go through again, perhaps faster this time. The view may not be as nice, but as Jean said, “I’d rather have a house on a pretty piece of land than just a pretty piece of land.”

Chesapeake Investment and Mortgage looks to be the winner of our “Who Wants to Fund a Dome?” contest. They didn’t balk at all when I spoke to them on the phone about a “panelized housing system wherein the manufacturer erects the custom pieces and we do the rest…” and after our meeting today showing them the letter from Fannie Mae about selling domes on the secondary Civil Engineering Firm 1 & 1/2et, the list of comparable domes in the area, the house plans, and the full-color catalogue, they seemed rather hunky-dory!

None of this “well we’ll try to convince our underwriters” or anything. Just “We’ll get our appraiser (or one you want) out there and see how much money we can lend you,” in a very good way. And they aren’t charging us an arm and a leg. Can we say, “Good-bye Bank #1” in a big loud voice now? Good.