Future of Hearthwood in Jeopardy, Everyone Manages to Invent Reasons to Keep their Jobs

Bank #1 is (once again) not returning my phone calls and our loan officer is out of the office on training this week. I can see where we fit as far as their priorities go.

In the meantime, we have two promising bank leads and neither have a problem with “partially self-built panelized housing systems where-in the manufacturer ships us the shell, erects it, and we do the rest.”

Also, the County has thrown another curve ball at us-a problem soils thing. Since our house is sited within 25 feet of a problem soils area (type A), the County needs a Geo-technical soils survey (or a certified third party to vouch for the validity of a diagnosis on the soils, deeming them “non-problem,” should the data be old and flawed) which would take time and money. So can you find Waldo? If you can, it would be easier than relocating the house (check out the grading plan) 25 feet from problem soils, another specified amount from the 100 year flood plain, and also out of the RPA to boot. Oh, and see if you can still give us a nice view from the deck.

Of course, all this is moot if Kyum Kahn (Chief Hydrologist of the Western District) doesn’t like the fact that our existing driveway is in the floodplain, (but can’t do anything about it legally) and decides to fault us on something else. That’s the reason we’d resite outside of the RPA.

Do we push on or scrap it because we’re going insane living with my parents (and driving them insane in the process)? Do we push the “living with your parents” envelope or sell Hearthwood in a fire-sale to the highest bidder (lunch plus air fare to the nearest state with lax building laws) and skip town? Find out in the next episode of “Oh Who Cares about the Dog Pee in the Corner, I live in the Attic?”