Dome Raising Details

Assuming the bank takes a month or so for the loan application, we’re looking at a tentative ship date of 23 March for the dome kit. That means we’ll need help unloading it. That’s a Saturday, and since the truck is too big to come through the RxR tunnel, we’ll need to unload it (I’m currently arranging where) and then load it into pickup trucks to transport to the site, some 2 miles away.

We’ll be sending out an email when we find out the date for sure, so if you’d like to help and you don’t get one, let us know by emailing us on the contact page.

We’ll probably only need four people, but that means four all day, so if it turns out to be four who show up and can help in the morning, then four who show up later to help in the latter half of the day, so be it. We’ve got two pick-up trucks already, and could probably use two more.

Assuming THAT date sticks, we’re also looking at a 13 April (also a Saturday) date for the dome raising. That will entail the work of six able-bodied folks to help the people from Oregon Dome, Inc., who will be assembling the dome.

For both dates, please bring a pack lunch, and we’ll provide hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner, along with soda and water.