More submission, FEMA

Civil Engineering Firm2 has just called me to say I need to submit the plans to the county myself, as there are about 18 signature blocks requiring my autograph. Tomorrow I guess, b/c the County closes in 15 minutes.

FEMA (Federal Emergency Managment Agency) has approved the official update to our plat, noting that our building space is out of the floodplain, contrary to their previous map. That will help tremendously when the banks underwriters look at our loan request.

We’ll probably have to get our “hold harmless” letter (letter holding the county harmless in the event of a flood, wherein the county can’t get to us with their rescue vehicles) recorded in a deed and notarized. We’ll wait on that until we know what, beyond what we’ve written, it needs to say in legalese, exactly.

We’ve received an estimate for the well drilling-about $11K. We’re now awaiting an estimate for the septic tank and drainfield installation.

We’re still looking at Mid-February for approval from the County on the plans.

A scan of the grading plan and the elevation of the dome on the plans page this evening…

Upward and Onward!