CBAY Waiver

Ok. Civil Engineering Firm2 just called to say that the Health department had some comments about the plan, but they will address those on the 26th. The county has already had a chance to look at the grading plan and has not said word one about the driveway!

They approved our “CBAY” waiver (giving us the right to build our house in the Resource Protected Area delineated by the 1993 Chesapeake Preservation Act) and have requested a couple things like “super silk” fencing to be put around the construction site and since we’re building in the RPA, they want us to give an equal amount of land to the RPA and promise not to build in it.

So if you imagine that building our house is like a video game (ninja or streetfighter style), we got the loan for the land (first level boss), bought the land (second level boss), defeated the unruly civil engineer (third level boss), hired a new civil engineer and submitted the plans (fourth level boss), and are getting ready to do battle with the fifth level boss of Building Permit Approval after fighting many of his minions: doubt, fear, uncertainty, lack of time, capital investment, and curious relatives poking their noses in. Not to mention, the super-secret boss that follows: Construction Loan Application and Approval for a DOME!

Stay tuned! Late January or early February is when we’ll find out!