First Hurdle

We’ve come so far. The structural engineer is set to approve the plans next week. We have some gravel spread up near the building site to make it easier to drive a truck with a load of lumber or block. We’ve replaced the two 4×4 posts and chain with a full gate and wire fence to keep follks from dumping on Hearthwood. We’ve put up no parking and private property signs. We have a couple leads on stucco bids for the exterior of the house. We have ceramic shingles that look like cedar shakes picked out.

And now Fairfax County says our driveway is in the flood plain and we need an easement onto another piece of property that will give us access to a road in case an ambulance needs to get in during a flood. Except our driveway has never flooded-I should know, I’ve lived across the street my whole life!

So next week we will have a meeting with the county and see if we need to hire a land use lawyer. Another hurdle, just another hurdle.