Civil Engineering changeup

We’ve ditched our old Civil Engineer, Civil Engineering Firm 1 of Civil Engineering Firm 1 associates. I would’n’t recommend him if your site is anything out of the ordinary (or not in a subdivision).

We’ve hired Harold Logan & Associates, who have done the site survey work and grading plans for the other lots adjacent to ours on Colchester Road. Harold says the driveway thing ought to be no problem, just write a letter waiving the county’s liability in the event of a 100 year flood. HL & Assoc. are in the process of putting together a bid and are going to the county next week.

In the meantime, Jean and I have begun dreaming of other ideas besides a tudor cottage. Maybe a geodesic dome, or even a log cabin home. We’re going to look at a model Log Cabin Home tomorrow…

More driveway issues

“Our Nextdoor Neighbor”, our neighbor who shares the same plight, is having a meeting with the chief hydrologist of the county tomorrow to discuss alternatives to the driveway build-up, which the county acknowledges is an undesirable thing and does not wish to prevent us from building.

Raise the driveway? Wha?

I haven’t scanned the building plans yet-that much is obvious. We’re having A LOT of trouble with the county. Apparently the only way for us to even build on the land now is to raise the level of the drive six feet. We’re going to fight this, as this would be a $30,000+ expense and would destroy the environment around the land. At this point we won’t begin building until at least september and will probably only get the foundation done before winter. Wish us luck.