Victoria Falls Trip Day 5: Kariba Ferry

Our fifth morning began early; we needed to make it to Kariba Ferry by 8:00am to board the ferry. We launched directly into the restaurant for a 6:00am breakfast and…waited. Fortunately the staff brought out our food in time, and we set off on the road just around 6:45. We sped along and followed the hotel staff’ directions and limited signage to make it to the ferry boarding point in time. We had booked passage on the ferry prior to arriving, so were nearly set, aside from boarding fees.
Jean and I took our passengers and over-night bags, and backed our cars onto the ferry.
Climbing up the stairs to the middle deck, we chose eight metal chaise lounge chairs in a row and set our baggage down. We stayed docked for another hour or so, waiting for the remaining cars to board, and one additional family to show. Our final car to board (the ferry is capable of holding up to 15, we had only a dozen) was a pair of Norwegian medical students who were serving in South Africa, driving an ancient Land Rover, constructed and patched with as many colors of paint and types of material as possible it seemed.
Once underway, we motored at around 10 knots, lazily cutting a north-east bearing along the length of the lake. We picked a table on the outer deck and sat underneath the sun shade. It was nice not having to drive to get to our destination, and for once Jean and I got to hang out during the day. The day wore on, and leagues of water passed beneath us.
We were served lunch, buffet style, with our fellow 30-40 passengers. It was tasty and filling, and we reveled in eating on the deck, the pleasant breeze and lack of mosquitos refreshing our spirits.
Around mid-afternoon, the captain brought the boat to a stop for a swim break! Yes, indeed, there are crocodiles in the lake, but the captain was betting (however erroneously) that there weren’t any here. Jean took a swim. I took photos.
By late afternoon, we came to a narrow point in the lake, and saw some game; hippos, eagles, kudu, elephants.
Pretty soon the sunlight began waning, and the staff cooked up dinner. We sat on the deck and enjoyed the view. Every few minutes the light changed and painted yet another beautiful impression of an African sunset.
Mom and Dad retired, Jean, Laura and I stayed up late into the evening, chatting on the deck.
The next morning we deboarded after a scrumptious breakfast and drove back to Harare. What an adventure!