Victoria Falls Trip Day 4: Masumu Lodge, near Mlibizi

We began day four in Hwange, not having been disturbed by any animals. The landscape had all but soaked up the rains from the storm, leaving the red soil as dry as when we arrived. Packed and ready, we exited Hwange and got back on the road, coming to the same Total gas station whose mechanics saved us just a couple days before. They were quite amused to see us.
Unfortunately they had no power, so couldn’t provide us fuel, and diverted us some 10km out of our way in order to get said fuel at a nearby town. Fortunately our errand was successful, and we resumed our drive.

We pushed on through to Masumu Lodge (meaning “spear”), whose large game-proof gates parted to give us entry. The grounds were pretty spectacular, and we drove up a cobbled drive to reception. Our little “lodges” even had adjoining doors, so that the girls in Laura’s cabin could easily find their way to ours in the dead of night if need be. Within a few minutes we’d spotted a resident chameleon and arranged for a lunch, as we preferred something more than granola bars.

We ate lunch at the restaurant, a building situated on a point on Lake Kariba, with more than 180° views high above the lake. The pool was not in service, but the vistas were amazing. The kids discovered a docile cat who arranged himself artfully on the couches and then finally the rocks outside.

After lunch, the kids jumped and played on the rocks outside our rooms, and we made ourselves comfortable on the balcony seating, chatting. Dinner later was a slow affair, and as there was no power, the local generator feebly fed power to the electric stoves to cook our food.

Afterwards, we retired to our lodges for another mosquito-filled night, and again fortunately we had netting to protect us. I looked forward to something larger than a twin again.