Good Bye Nepal

20120726-092349.jpgWe’ve had an amazing time here in Nepal these past two years!

Good-bye, Nepal. Good-bye political strife and bandhs. Good-bye crazy pot-holes and roads. Good-bye Kathmandu traffic. Good-bye friends we’ve come to know, see you again the next time we meet. Good-bye Dal Bhat. Good-bye Momos. Good-bye cheap eats with so many restaurants I can’t even blog about all of them. Good-bye Didi’s and Dai’s. Good-bye load-shedding. Good-bye Monsoons. Good-bye pollution. Good-bye Himalayas. Good-bye to the best mountain biking. Good-bye Suzuki Maruti Gypsy. Good-bye stray dogs of all shapes and sizes, pigeon toed and mangy. Good-bye trekking. Good-bye dudh chia. Good-bye tasty nuts. Good-bye Gurkha Ball. Good-bye hand-painted license plates. Good-bye open sewers. Good-bye Nina & Hager. Good-bye 1905 Farmer’s Market. Good-bye Phora Durbar. Good-bye tangles of wires on poles falling down. Good-bye tuk-tuks. Good-bye sparkle vests. Good-bye rhinos, tigers, snow leopards, sloth bears, peacocks, mongooses. Good-bye leeches. Good-bye head wobble. Good-bye motorcycle madness. Good-bye tripped out trekker hippies. Good-bye Patan. Good-bye vomit-streaked buses and loogie-hocking locals. Good-bye massive generators. Good-bye ganesh stickers on motorcycles. Good-bye Nepali Tourism year 2011. Good-bye Lazimpat construction/destruction. Good-bye “mutton”(goat). Good-bye Manakamana Cable Car and goat sacrifices. Good-bye vegetarian tea and kidney tea. Good-bye singing bowls. Good-bye knock-off trekking gear. Good-bye excellent paper products. Good-bye crazy Kathmandu parties. Good-bye police breaking up those parties. Good-bye facemask wearing populace. Good-bye bike ride tea stops. Good-bye frozen meats flown in from other countries. Good-bye land-locked Nepal. Good-bye to small aircraft accidents. Good-bye yaks. Good-bye monkeys. Good-bye micro chipmunk-like squirrels.