National Pie Day, Kathmandu 2011

National Pie Day (see Wikipedia) is something of a near-holiday, like a distilled version of Thanksgiving or something. Here in Kathmandu, we managed to gather enough guests to be able to sample EIGHT pies. The competitors:
1. Jean’s Innkeeper’s pie, a layer of chocolate and a white cake nestled in a pie shell. The best of both worlds I think.
2. my Apple Pie, perfection in a pan if I do say so myself 🙂
3. Leslie’s Lemon Meringue, a fresh twist on the classic.
4. Nick and Tiana’s Strawberry GlassĂ©e
5. Strawberry Mango
6. Jordana and Grant’s Apple Pear
7. Alder and Ryan’s Savory Veggie
8. RenĂ©e and Daniel’s Strawberry use-a-spoon Custard

The competition kicked off with all guests sampling a spoonful of Alder and Ryan’s Savory Veggie, nice for those of us who hadn’t had dinner (and really, anyone who doesn’t plan ahead gets quite full after a couple pieces of pie). We moved right in to the Innkeeper’s and Apple Pie, and so on, each guest rounding the table like a nascar professional, navigating each turn with pie server and plate in hand to get the next piece. We sliced into Leslie’s Lemon Meringue (I love the alliteration that Lemon-Leslie gives!) and enjoyed it’s citrus bite (quite after this dusty winter month). Nick and Tiana’s Strawberry GlacĂ©e delicately slipped onto our plates. The strawberry mango, Apple-Pear and lastly the Strawberry use-a-spoon custard played wonderful flavors all over.

All said and done, Leslie’s Lemon Meringue and RenĂ©e and Daniel’s Strawberry use-a-spoon Custard tied with 8 votes each. We elected to gift the custom embroidered apron (a la Jean) to Leslie who was still in attendance, with an honorable mention going out to RenĂ©e (incredible crust!).

The final count:
1. 1
2. 2
3. 8
4. 2
5. 3
6. 0
7. 0
8. 8

See you all next year! Bring your pie-tasting appetites and your best pies!