Happy New Year from Nepal

It’s 2011! Or if you follow the Nepali calendar, it’s still 2067 and won’t be 2068 until Aprilish, like some sort of weirdly reversed fiscal calendar schedule (some companies close their books one quarter early).

That said, Nepal does recognize the badeshi (foreigner) calendar and has declared 2011 to be “Nepal Tourism Year.” There are banners in city centers, the local travel agents are poised, ready to issue hand-written pink receipts (with real slips of carbon paper behind them) for travel purchased, and colorfully decorated buses await you, ready to be overfilled and possibly capsize from their top-heavy loads of commuters. I’m sure you’ve probably seen or heard of this proudly brazen statement in your local news, or even had an odd urge to just come and visit, possibly brought on by the media onslaught of tourism advertising. No? Ah. Well. Um. Regardless, Nepal will continue to rake in some 41% of their GDP from services, part of which is probably tourism.

We rang in the new year in style, with the Marines, as many of our compatriots decided to take their well-deserved R&R’s in more exotic places than Kathmandu. One oddity; it rained last night! Not something one sees in the middle of winter here in the valley, as most moisture hits the mountains and foothills surrounding the valley.

Bring on 2011! Our gardener continues to make industrious strides in beautifying our not-so-modest compound, and I have a home brew that should be ready by the end of the month. Mom and Dad are en-route to Nepal as I write this, and will be our guests for the two weeks to come. Hopefully we’ll work in a bike ride amongst all the touring 🙂

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  1. Happy New Year to y’all from Missouri. We had a quiet night in with friends. I had never played 2 tables of dominoes where the two worst scores traded tables at the end of each round. Constant changing of players really “jazzed” up the game. A very enjoyable evening.

    Everyone here is fine.

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