Ride Eight: Fluffer-Nutter & Shivapuri, Helipad Revisited

R, N and I made another bold ride today, starting out early north of the city and entering Shivapuri legitimately by the military check point gate. N was trying out a Mata55, a full suspension frame he rented from downtown, to see if he wants to lay down big bucks for one. He probably will, having dubbed it “fluffer-nutter” before long into the ride, it was so smooth.

Ed on Ride Eight in Kathmandu, photo courtesy of N
Ed on Ride Eight in Kathmandu, photo courtesy of N
Tickets secured, we continued the long, winding ascent into the jungle. The sunlight filtered down through the Asian canopy, occasionally making a warm spot or illuminating a clearing. Small rivulets and full on cascades tumbled down the mountain, giving us small water features to cross.
Once we climbed to the top, we started cutting east across the foothills and had an amazing downhill ride through dense jungle, dodging cane, undergrowth, all of which was covering the path of rocks, roots and mud. Each bend presented us an amazing view of the valley below, often viewed through bamboo groves or spider webs.
Another hefty climb later, we got to the top and cruised down to the helipad. After a short respite, a throng of Nepali kids, a hiking group, crested the helipad from our trail below. We waited for all of them to clear out before descending ourselves. The ride down was a bit more dusty and our fatigue led us to tumble more than once. Not discouraged in the least, we pushed on even further than last time. At the end of our track we pedaled back down into town and finished off our ride with cold drinks and quesadillas. Not a bad day.