Bollywood Dreams

Chengdu guest Rachael and Ed at Bollywood Dreams
Chengdu guest Rachael and Ed at Bollywood Dreams
These past couple weeks have been pretty busy and very entertaining. As I previously mentioned, I attended a crazy party, which reminded me of the college rave/frat/party scene. Only I’m older now. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Our consumables are lost. (Kathmandu is a post that the State Department considers a place where one can bring outside goods en masse for consumption in country.)
I got to see the email transcript of the correspondence between the GSO, the airline and the shipping company…very funny actually, imagine a monty python skit (These remarks are paraphrased and at least a day or a weekend occurs between each transaction):

GSO to Airline: Employee shipment was supposed to arrive on 10 Sept on flight X from Bangkok to KTM. We have not received.
Airline: Have your guys check airport warehouse.
GSO: Guys have checked airport warehouse. Nothing. Can you confirm flight information?
Airline: Yes, flight Y departed Bangkok at x time and arrived at KTM at x time.
GSO: No, I mean flight X.
Airline: No, employee goods were not on flight X. Check with shipper (in Belgium).
GSO to Shipper: wtf? Where are employee goods? Can you confirm (repeat details about flight info)?
Shipper to GSO: Umm, we sent them to Bangkok. Have airline check bangkok warehouse.
GSO to Shipper: thpphtt!
GSO to Airline: Check bangkok warehouse for employee goods!
Airline to GSO: we’re on lunch here. (hold music)
GSO to Airline: if you don’t check, we’re going to bill you for a week of dining at Morton’s Steak House at government rates.
Airline to GSO: we’ll get back to you.

Just what’s in a consumables shipment? One year’s supply of canned cat food. Several cases of wine, scotch, etc. 10 ten pound bags of King Arthur flour. You get the picture. Something for which one gets a 2500 pound (weight, not sterling) allowance. We’re getting reimbursed and the department is helping us arrange a replacement shipment, so in the long run it all works out. All the same, I’d like to be making pie crust with that flour sooner than next year…

Saturday past, we had some guests come into town, and Jean showed them around Thamel. They were gracious enough to stay awake for the Bollywood Dreams party at the Sterling Club. The party was themed around, obviously, Bollywood. A fellow at the British Embassy actually taught a Bollywood-style dance class in advance of the party so that an entire troupe of people could put on a dance. There were great drinks, good food, entertaining costumes and gaudy rickshaws to pose on for photos (and eventually ride around on). Our friends from Chengdu flew to Pokhara the next morning for outdoor adventures.

The following morning I went on a bike ride and got my butt handed to me by a hale Shila. Oh, and I had two flat tires as well. It was still a blast though.

This week we are in the early stages of Dashai, essentially the biggest holiday in Nepal. This weekend our friends from Chengdu are back and we’re hoping to go out in Thamel with them again. Next week Dashai is in full force; Embassy staff are out for some days, school is out for a week or more, and all productivity (yes there is some) halts.

Lastly, I’ve started a blog dedicated blog to keep track of Kathmandu’s restaurant and stuff to do and see scene…not to be limited to Kathmandu ultimately, but this is where it starts.