I’m driving! After a couple weeks of paperwork, approvals, mechanical inspections, etc, I’m driving. We purchased the “Blue Bear” from the previous tenants of our home, and thus far it’s met all our expectations. The 22 year-old blue thing is looked at in disdain by the fast-n-furious Nepali set, but blends right in with the cabs, uber-minivans, and auto rickshaws.

Getting to the transport office was quite the ordeal for me, the new driver, yesterday. I followed the Embassy guy to the insurance offices/mechanic (pictured above) in order for them to inspect the car, around half of ring road, about an hour’s drive. Think of Ring Road like the DC area’s beltway, only way smaller and without lines or dividers. Driving and shifting on the left was not as big a deal as I thought it would be. The biggest distraction was the constant shifting pattern of traffic, whether it be the motorcycles whizzing by, cars and vans stopping at “bus stops”, going through intersections (chowks), etc. By the time I got home, I was exhausted. I’ll post a video (yes, I video’d part of this) this afternoon.

We’ve discovered some new favorite things here. Our Didi makes the most incredible momo’s! Think of them like the steam dumplings that westerners are used to. She’s made chicken and mutton once each; I think I prefer the chicken. Pictured here are the vegetable momo’s at Phora.

1905 Market has also been a big hit, not only for the organic farmer’s market on Saturday mornings, but also for the cool nightlife scene it offers. Haven’t tried the restaurant yet, but will soon.

Talk to you all soon!

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  1. Reading your adventure driving actually made me nostalgic for such lunatic necessities! At least you can walk to many of the places you need to go.

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