UAB Arrives!

Our air freight arrived this afternoon! What does one put in air freight? It comes down to the necessities one must live on for the 1-6 months before one’s surface shipment arrives. And it must be less than 800 pounds for our family of five. And you can’t ship any flammables (read charcoal) or aerosals (read cooking spray, sewing adhesive, etc). I can tell you’re excited.
Read on…
Box 1/7

  • Candles
  • Kid clothes
  • Cookie trays
  • Pizza pan (1/2)
  • Dish drying rack
  • Pint glasses (New Belgium Brewing, 2)
  • Wok
  • Collander
  • Legos
  • toy food
  • magnetiles™
  • toy blocks
  • kid blankets
  • kid presents that we fear may not make it in time for their birthdays in the surface shipment (“HHE”)
  • anniversary gifts to us from relatives 🙂
  • cutting board

Box 2/7

  • Knife block, knives
  • coffee carafe
  • kitchenmaid attachments
  • salt, pepper, shakers
  • linens, tablecloths, etc
  • more linens
  • mixing bowls
  • tortilla warmer
  • pie pan

Box 3/7

  • candles, candelabra
  • coffee grinder
  • more cooking stuff
  • tea kettle
  • pot holders
  • insane amount of misc stuff
  • play station
  • pillows

Box 4/7
…and so on.

Seven boxes took about four hours to unpack. And they weighed 800 pounds. Our surface shipment Weighs ten times that. I hope it doesnt arrive before we move again. Little chance of that wish coming true.

What would have been useful would be some crisco. And such. But perhaps our consumables will arrive shortly. I could use some home made chocolate chip cookies about now.

Pehri betoula.