Kathmandu Kahments

Just jotting down a few things here, some will be entertaining for those who have already gone through what we are, some will be awe-inspiring I’m sure.

  • All the back streets are mostly converted goat paths. This means winding and low speed limits (<20kph/13mph). Hence cars use a form of echo-location for warning other cars and pedestrians that they are coming.
  • all main roads are mostly straight, but far from having a consistent speed limit. And yet very few rear-end accidents! Tuk-tuks (three wheeled truck/taxi’s), buses, motor-cycles and brave-but-foolhardy pedestrians stop all the time, creating mini traffic jams and sudden stops.
  • The microwave “minute+” button adds 30 seconds. Not one minute. Must be the conversion rate of rupees to USD. Or maybe it is an Indian microwave.
  • Pedestrians walk against traffic…and with it. There is no rhyme or reason. Except perhaps “don’t walk where you will get knocked down.”
  • Good Scotch is $55-$65 USD outside of the commissary. Good beer is $2.00 USD for a 22oz bottle. No, I do not mean craft brew.
  • I cannot find the translation for cornstarch in Nepali. Or dumpster. The latter, at least, does not exist in Nepal.
  • Nepalis work a six-day work-week. They have Saturdays off.
  • All TV is in Hindi. All commercials are about germs/cleaning products, food-stuffs (often of questionable value, like fruit roll-ups or similar), or cars.
  • You can get clove-flavored toothepaste. Yes I am still using it.

Coming soon, my Google Map (shared to Friends and Family) of places to see, things to eat, while in KTM.