Mountain Biking…for real

Ryan started his GPS a ways through the ride, so you can see we actually gained about 1500 feet in total.
Once we got out of town, we climbed (“a nice gradual ascent”, per Ryan) one of the three main roads that leads out of town, teenage Nepali’s on motorcycles egging us (mainly me) on. Once the guys had a nice rest at the top, courtesy of my pace, we branched off onto mountain village paths, some so narrow I couldn’t pedal lest I catch the pedal on the side, but most wide enough to give two people berth.
It was utterly amazing, with all manner of animals (ducks, white cranes, water buffalo, and the common chicken) and friendly people. The kids especially were ecstatic to practice their english and were always giggling.
An exhausting (for me at least) few hours later we zoomed back through the KTM streets and had some takeout for lunch. Phenomenally fulfilling day.