Nepal Achieved!

I’ll begin by thanking whomever operates the various open wifi hotspots in our neighborhood, which is the only reason I’m posting this so soon 🙂

We successfully made it to Kathmandu, to our new house, and had our first meal and grocery trip. We’ve started the next chapter in our lives as world travelers. Here’s how we got here…

We hopped on a Korean Air flight with our numerous luggi (a new fun word for luggage, many pieces), and handed off the pets, watered and vittled, to the TSA. This was a seriously posh economy class seat, no UAL here. Video screens for every seat, with a dedicated video system and video games with controller. The kids were in heaven. I made use of the built-in usb chargers as well, keeping Eleanor entertained with movies on the iPad. I also watched five movies. Wow. Good bi bim bap rice on the plane tool. Some 14 hours later we touched down in Seoul, where Jean exited the airport to look after the pets. We checked in to the Transit Hotel, to our “king” bed (aka, double), and then had a zombie meal of pizza. (After that kind of flight, trucking children around the airport, etc, one is truly a zombie).

We overnighted in the hotel, kids on various carpeted surfaces and chairs, blankets distributed, and no sleep from about 2:00am on. Time changes can be difficult for kids.

The next morning we made a great discovery; there is a kids playground near the gate in the Incheon airport. Phenomenal. Another six hour flight and we cruised past the cloud masked himalayas and touched down into the early 1900’s. Carved woodwork fixtures and brick, walk-through security with the proper look, and fun smells. Wow. The subsequent van ride was really eye-opening. Mopeds and motorcycles everywhere, about a dozen cows, people roasting corn on fires, absolute havoc in traffic.

Jean’s sponsor, who picked us up from the airport and had us expedited through the customs process, drove us to our house, a beautiful place near the embassy in a compound of sorts with more square footage and accommodations than Hearthwood. Very nice.

The pets settled in nicely.

We took a trip to the nearby grocery store and had an early dinner at a local restaurant before coming back to collapse and take in the sights from the rooftop. Lucas (and the girls too presumably) starts school next week, Jean starts work Monday, and I begin my new life running the household and becoming a local expert on the city so that when friends and family visit we can show them around properly.

I’ll be pushing photos up to MobileMe ( ) and to FaceBook, along with occasional insights to the latter. I don’t know what the internet situation will be like over the next week or two.