Nepal: T-minus 21 days

I think I’m goin’ to Kathmandu! I think that’s where I’m goin’ to…if I ever get outta here…

Purge unwanted items…check! Shove stuff in boxes for storage that I can’t imagine having the time to deal with in Nepal…check! Buy year’s supply of cat food…check!

At this point the kids don’t think we’re actually going to Nepal. We’ve been talking about it for so long now that they think it’s like growing up…it will NEVER happen. Lucas is actually very excited about his school, and Merrill might as well think of it as Narnia. Eleanor isn’t excited. “It’s a bad idea,” she says in her high-pitched two year-old lispy voice.

Now Jean and I are preparing for pack-out, that adventurous process wherein people we don’t know come into our house and assure us our things are going to get half-way round the world. There is a certain logic to it, but if you’d told me that on day one they pack all things made of wood and second day is reserved for everything else, I would have bought it. I’m kinda frazzled, but in a good way.

Speaking of frazzled, the transition to full time dad has made me get down from my golden pedestal and give Jean a hand up. I’m convinced now the only reason I stood so high was because I actually did very little in terms of our family’s day to day existence aside from the token meal or cleanup. Kind of like somebody famous who throws the opening pitch. I think I’d be ok if we didn’t already have a quickly changing routine and a move date. Either way, I’m looking forward to house help in Nepal. And hobbies.

(update) We’re two days into pack-out, and most everything is gone from Hearthwood. It’s a crazy mess still, and who knew we have so much stuff. Tomorrow we graciously (not joking here) get told if we’re already “overweight” on our HHE (household effects) shipment. Wish us luck!