Autumn begins

Screen shot 2009-09-26 at 9.53.32 PM.png

It’s raining out; has been since this morning. Nothing accomplished out-doors today, but we needed the rain I guess.
We’re trying to get the house finished…still 🙂 Master bath by Bob and Charlie™ soon. Perhaps a wood shed. Time to redo the beer lines in the bar with something better. Wood floors down in the Master bedroom before Christmas.
Jean painted the first floor bath last weekend; I’m almost done with the trim.
Lucas learned to swim on his own before the summer was out.
Eleanor is talking more. Also emulating Merrill more.
Merrill is enjoying pre-school.
Jean is enjoying the thrill of work. Not the commute though.
Autumn is coming…the squash and tomatoes in the garden tempt the deer daily, but my fence keeps them out.
Clifton Day is soon. Holidays soon after.

The linked video (to the pic) is what goes through my head (roughly) when I hear this song by Aphex Twin. (Girl-Boy)