The NC/FL Road Trip: The Animal Kingdom

image2087559953.jpgOur wild morning began with abreal espresso (sob) latte at the entrance to this park that neither Jean or I had been to before after a quick walk from the lot to the entrance. The day proved to be hot, but again getting up early proved to be worth it; Rafiki, Goofy and Mickey greeted us with an pre-opening show, just like at the the Magic Kingdom.
We started of with the “it’s tough to be a bug” show, which was a 3D show for the kids, inside of the tree of life; fun stuff. The rest of our day was hot and humid, but very fun. We got to see a cool dinosaur ride, a real animal safari, and a phenomenal musical rendition of Finding Nemo. Two stuffed-animal fruit bats in tow, we left for the day in a tropical rain.
We ended the day at the same bargain restaurant at which we ate a couple days ago, and planned our final half day for the Magci Kingdom.