The NC/FL Road Trip: Epcot Center

image2086080937.jpgIn the morning we drove down to our obligatory presentation. Much less panache and professionalism here. We half convinced the guy selling them it wasn’t a good deal. Three hours later (!) we managed lunch and headed off to Epcot. Probably good we only had a half day there, as this was the older themed park with a lot of walking.
No monorail or ferry necessary, we walked right up.
We decided our first ride to be The Living Seas with Nemo, which proved to be a spectacular show of special effects with real fish and Nemo characters superimposed.
We saw the spaceship earth ride an a couple other things, including “the land” with Disney’s experimental tomato trees and other agricultural experiments, before embarking around the world. Lucas had his eye set on France, being a big fan of “Ratatouille”. We marched around and had a pretzel and beer in Germany. More fun, countries, hot sun and cool rain. We ended up in Morocco for dinner and enjoyed it thoroughly. A last minute rush to see A couple rides again before they closed and the fireworks went off. Fireworks and a clip-clip of aching feet and joints, well deserved, to the car. Kids asleep before we got to the hotel.