The NC/FL Road Trip: On to Daytona

image1809107249.jpgWe rose early and left Meagan, Schorr, Chloe and Frannie (cat and dog) by 7:30 and hurtled towards Daytona, nearly a nine hour drive ahead of us. South of The Border tacky bilboards flashed by us until we passed the tacky wonderland.
Midday and lunch at Wendy’s flew by, and the miles dwindled until we made it to our check-in point on the A1A, the Plaza Ocean Club around 4:15. We were staying free of charge for listening to another timeshare spiel. A quick check-in to the room and a walk out the back and to the beach! We had a nice little walk and then walked a couple blocks to dinner, finally deciding on inexpensive and dirty vs. clean and pricey. Lucas chose it because it was a Pizza joint. Clear and Present Danger was our bedtime background and we bedded late.