The NC/FL Road Trip: Visiting Meagan and Schorr

image2035920550.jpgDrove the five hours to Raleigh. We made good time and got into town for lunch. Had sandwiches at the Side Street Cafe on Meagan’s recommendation, a good find. Visited the Two museums in downtown and saw an excellent exhibit on dinosaurs and natural sciences with aquariums in one museum and a fun pirate exhibit in the other. There was even a pirate ship on which the kids could play (and did) for nearly an hour.
Meagan met us shortly after five o’clock, and we drove to The Pit for sinner, Schorr meeting us shortly thereafter. We had a great dinner and local microbrews, and drove to M&S’s house afterwards, where we bathed and bedded the kids. We had a good, though short sit down with M&S, and dropped off to sleep.