July Fourth Weekend

What a blast! We started our day picking wineberries at Hearthwood. Jean and her parents were at Hilton Head for Alden and Heather’s wedding, which we sorely missed, but I wouldn’t have traded our weekend for that kamikaze drive with three kids.

Kate and the boys helped out and we gathered enough berries for a fresh wineberry pie, ice cream and a double batch of jam!

By mid afternoon we made it over to Bob and Billie Warhurst’s place (thanks, Bob!) for their spectacular party. Lucas was asking after the food as soon as we arrived. The kids immediately gravitated to the tire swing, and spent the afternoon making a circuit between that, the moonbounce, the slide, and the trampoline. They chowed down on all manner of cookout food, Lucas taking down two hotdogs and proclaiming a tummy ache after subsequent moonbouncing. I enjoyed the ribs thoroughly.
Mom and Dad featured ice cream heavily in their grandparenting routine, and I marveled at the kids ability to continue eating.
By the end of the day, we stayed way past bedtime and had some sacked, happy kids. They were asleep not five minutes after hitting the pillow.

Yesterday we made the pie, ice cream, and generally took it easy. Today, zip line, pool and more fun. Tomorrow, we’re off on a week-long east-coast excursion, involving NC to visit Meagan and Shore, Daytona Beach and then Disney World.