Castillo de Arena: Day Seven, Eight

image473923346.jpgTook it very easy (can it get any easier?) Friday. Drove in to Progresso for dinner.
Learned that the power outage wa caused by some 46 year-old guy attempting to steal electricity from the pole at the entryway to the drive. Pulled the cable, electrocuted and then hung himself in the process. Macabre.
Left right on time for the airport Saturday morning. Or, we would have except the car battery was dead. Krissy and Megan had left not an hour prior. Tried popping the clutch on the little piece of pavement that served as a parking area. Called the rental place. Called the house owners. Left voicemails. More clutch popping. Pushed the car down the drive to the road. Still no luck. Flagged down a couple people, no jumper cables, but good intentions. Tried a few more times to pop the clutch. Jean took a ride towards Telchac with some fishermen to seek jumper cables. Dave has been calling his people the whole time. People from Washington DC to Hong Kong know that Dave is stranded with his frazzled friends, Ed and Jean, on the Yucatan Peninsula. Finally a nice looking sedan stopped and a couple somewhat advanced in years produced a set of jumper cables and our wind-up whined to life. We thanked the couple profusely and endeavoured to rendezvous with Jean. She met us on the road to Telchac in the fishermens’ truck. The quickly receding high keening of our engine was the only trace of our misadventure in the Yucatan. We’re an hour late in starting.

Now our mission is “tear ass across Mexico,” which we do, pushing our toy car to the limits of it’s little engine, tires rotating well past the speed they should. We made up the time and got to the airport on time, Jean dropping us at the fermi al while she returned the car. Zipped through Health Check (checking for signs of H1N1), got our boarding passes and on to Security. Through just in time despite Jean being random-bag-searched. Duty-free, restrooms, a hurried fast-food lunch. A gate change and we’re bound for Dulles.
Now we’re something like 30,000 feet in the air and half way to home.
We both miss the kids something fierce.

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