Castillo de Arena: Day Five

image1523627010.jpgA lazy day, Kate’s last. Dave is hung over. Swimming in the ocean, Rummikub, Bananagrams, drove to Telchac for more water with Megan. The power outage the night before spoiled most of our chicken, so we had a mishmash of hot dogs, chicken, veggies and rice.
More celebrity, I had a funny one this time, trying to get my team to guess “Tony Almeda”, not knowing WTF this guy was, not having watched “24”. “a common Italian name, three sylables shortened to two, often a pizza joint guy, sometimes Luigi!” Laughter, histyrical laughter. Despite my best efforts, Megan and Krissy fairly rocked for our team and won by a lot. Had a lively balloon volleyball game with half the participants in chairs. More Rummikub, sleep.

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