Castillo de Arena: Days Two-Three

image913468518.jpgHangover. Snorkeling to look for the rays Jean saw, warm water. Drove to Progresso, all six of us squished into Krissy’s ride, tight but at least it’s a real car. Good AC, hard to go slow, front speakers that work, a quiet ride.
We stop at the banco, stumble down to the most touristy restaurant we can find and plop down. Nice thatched roof, removable windows in the pavillion. Tourist prices, but still reasonable for us. Dave gets baby shark enchilada. We all get variations on the theme of Mexicana. Jean slips into drowsy sleep on the table.
We head back towards the highway and to the Bodega for supplies. In a stupor we gather meal makings, whatnot. Huge like Price Costco.
That evening we make Greek Shrimp kebabs and chicken with rice. I moved the grill from the side of the house to the rear to get a goo view of the ocean while cooking. Turns out there was a reason the grill was on what I discovered what was the leeward side of the house; the winds whipped across the landscape, keeping me from lighting the charcoal, 30-40 mph. I moved it back to the side and

Awesome! We play celebrity in a remarkably well matched game Another night of imbibing, and eventually swimming in the ocean.

Monday that catches up with me. I briefly think about work ; no Data here from AT&T and I briefly DT’d for lack of internet, information. Dave too. I read Red Prophet through start to finish.

Dave and I make a second trip to Progresso, to get a few more things. So a good bit of money later, we headed back.

Pizza for dinner, individual ones we decorated to suit. A rousing game of pictionary in which Megan and Krissy seemed to take on some odd telepathy in drawing and guessing. Dave was funny. Guessing for the word Jean was drawing, “Audience”, he got everything but. “the crowd” 45 seconds, “the participants!” 30 seconds and panic, “the people who buy the tickets!” 5 seconds, “tickets!”. Laughter.
Took it easy that evening, watched Alien.

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