Castillo de Arena: Day One

image882694901.jpgArrived around 12pm local time, picked up our rental. Jean made sure to show the luggage to the renter’s so they could give us the right-sized car, hence they gave us the smallest street legal vehicle, shoving our suitcases into the “back” and back seat, keeping Dave company.
Our drive began with an adventure of attempting to leave the airport. It took 45 minutes. Like that episode of Scooby Doo where the Mystery Machine can’t leave town, no matter which way they drive.
Our drive from Cancun to The house, supposedly only a four hour one, ended up being about 5 1/2 and went like so:
12:00 – land
12:30 – picked up rental, ATM broken (windows had crashed)
1:00 – attempt to leave airport, Jean thinks she’s lost travel planner
1:45 – we successfully left airport
(car cannot exceed 60mph without flying apart)
2:00-5:30: hours of hot montonous driving , only back speakers work, can’t find fm tansmitter for iPod. Have to skip lunch b/c we’re running late. Can’t get ATMs to work; PIN incorrect? Can’t get phone service to call Bank. Dave’s cash saves our butt with tolls.
6:00: We’re here! Met Jorge to get key.

So indeed we are here. So many vacation houses with funny entrance signs. The water is aquamarine and slightly murky, getting darker further out. The hardy grass in the yard grasps itself in the tightly clinging net of roots spread across the sandy yard surrounding the house.

The wind comes in gusts, but calms down as we stash our stuff and head further down the Road to Telchac Puerto to get some dinner and whatever we can from a minimart. Town is some 16 kliks down the road. Stray dogs everywhere. People riding bicycles holding babies in their arms, hanging out in cybercafes with 1990’s tech, crumbling an run down buildings. Jean doesn’t blink twice. Speed bumps everywhere! Several police cars. We stop at the first minimart and get some staples. The MM smells odd. Dust on some packages, flies on others.

We push on to la plaza mayor and park. Town is going to sleep; the restaurants closing around us. We go to a place right off the square and eat a great meal. The kids ride around on bikes, play in a skate park. Music echoes through the sparse square, the folk come an go. A food cart opens up and a kid starts cooking tamales.
Sated, we head back to El Castillo de Arena.

We cracked open some of the duty free liquor we bought. We explored the vantages in the house; the rear patio, rear deck, and spiral stair around front to mount the roof. The nearly full moon bathes the low brush landscape awash in the warm breezes. High clouds scoot across the sky. Phenomenal. Gorgeous.

Krissy, Meghan, and Kate arrived around 11 and the craziness begins. Can’t remember how late we stayed up, but it was enough that I slept in to late morning 🙂

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