Castillo de Arena: Day Four

image356952298.jpgTuesday same as most, incredible weather. Jean and I headed to the beach to snorkel. We headed out far into the shallows to find some marine life, but we found none. Good swim though, probably nearly 1000 feet out.
Started listening to Alvin Prentice. Dave made some great burgers and we two ate them.
Jean and Kate headed to Progresso to get some veggies for the pasta primavera for dinner. Dave made up some water balloons to greet their return; we rained a watery salvo down on the grocery bearers, scaring Jean something serious, because, as she explained later, she was so used to large “bangs” being something dangerous in third world countries.

We drove to Xcambo, a nearby Mayan ruin, less than three kliks away. Free entry, no climbing restrictions. Rather sparse, hot and buggy, those that didn’t get blown away by the wind.

I listened to Alvin Prentice until early evening; Kate made Pasta Primavera for dinner.
After dinner we adjourned to the roof to observe the sunset, huge cumulus clouds glowing pink in the the sky, gusts of wind becoming ever stronger.
As the sky faded, more and more stars peeked out until the sky was speckled with light. It was amazing, and we stayed for nearly three hours. Too windy for swimming, we went inside and didn’t stay up too late. Lost power around 3:00am, but got it back by 6:00.

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