Mammoth Cave, Arriving at Cumberland Lake

Yesterday we departed White Bluff in the company of the Wilsons, to tour Mammoth Cave. Blazingly hot outside, the entrance to the cave was streaming out cold air in the same way as a drink cabinet does at the supermarket. I can only imagine what native Americans and settlers thought.
Once inside, our two hour tour was comprised mostly of listening to the distant murmuring lecture from our guide ranger and stints of walking and squeezing through tight spaces. It was actually quite cool.
We departed Mammoth Cave and said our goodbyes to Beau, Ronnie, Sam and Jack.
A short drive later, we arrived at the Klausings’ lake cabin, a beautiful cottage of sorts near the edge of Cumberland Lake. We spent some time at the lake side for the kids sake.
The cabin is chock full of family folks: Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jummy, cousin Rebecca and her new husband, Tyler, cousin Bethany, my mother, and Melissa, a young daughter of my parents French friends.
Today and this week, we’ll spend time at the lakeside, see the dam, and enjoy eachothers’ company. Good times ahead!