Klausing Cabin at Cumberland Lake

This morning we ate a hearty breakfast at Doc’s cabin (a family friend two cabins up) of waffles, grits, bacon and blackberries (the latter courtesy of Mom) and made preparations to go down to the lake.
Uncle Jimmy’s parents built their cabin and boathouse in 1952, when the lake opened. (Cumberland lake is a man-made lake, the largest in fact). They’ve been vacationing here ever since, though this is the first time we’ve stayed here.
I’ll back up a bit; the cabin is classic 1950’s construction; cinderblock basement and wood panel décor, no AC, except for an afterthought unit in the kitchen, below the concrete deck/porch. Definitely a beautiful cabin that serves this family well for entertaining up to a dozen people, though small.
Debbie and Jimmy have been generous in allowing us a double bed for the two of us and Eleanor, and the kids their own twin beds and room.
The 2nd floor porch fcing the lake has it’s own appeal and could serve as an excellent social setting. There is also a beautifully worked brick patio, quite large, that serves as the cookout gathering area (of which we’ll be making use this evening, as Uncle Jimmy is cooking out burgers.
We had an excellent excursion at the lake today, taking all the supplies and entertainment we needed to the boathouse. It was all we could do to keep Lucas from immediately getting in the water, though Merrill was initially timid. Melissa, too, warmed up to the group and swimming. In the morning the routine was simply swimming and splashing.
I even got to canoe Merrill nearly to
In the afternoon, the boat had been repaired, so Uncle Jimmy took us out in two groups